Scottish Tour Day 3 HCEG

The Scottish Tour will take place over the Bank Holiday weekend Fri 26 – Sun 28 May 2017. Planning is still in progress, with Luffness or North Berwick the likely venues for the first Day (Friday 26 May). The Renaissance course will be played on the Saturday and an RNGS team will play the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers at Muirfield on the Sunday. Depending on the number of applicants there may be some shuffling between courses to give everyone a chance to play at each course. Applications should be made in the normal way, but copied to Charles Llewellyn, Paul du Vivier, Iain Macdonald and Neil Rankin (see Members Listing for email addresses)

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Next 3 fixtures
Admirals’ Bowl
Shown for information. Eligible members please apply direct to R-Adm John Clink.
Summer Meeting
Application forms and payment to be sent direct to Hon. Sec. (Rob Dean)
Rye GC
Two-day, 72-hole match.
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